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Email Campaign Services

Email marketing is by far, one of the best marketing tools around. It has given results which many other tools have failed to achieve. The success of an email campaign rests on many variables, and since it is one of the most successful, it has been over used and misused too.

Leads Flix knows this more than the average email marketer. To start off, our email marketing templates are designed to ensure the 3 basic needs of email marketing, high open rate, low spam count and high click through rate are taken care of. To ensure these three are fulfilled, a serious amount of work goes into creation of the template.

These email templates, carefully crafted with numerous checks are designed to deliver higher returns, whatever campaign initiative they are used for. There are an assortment of designs you can choose from, incorporate variables which are suitable to the need and increase delivery and ROI.

We have been in the business long enough to know exactly where we need to tweak a campaign.

Some of the many benefits of using email campaigns designed by Leads Flix are:

  • Robust email campaigns which are highly customizable.
  • Real time analytics which give you a very clear picture of the campaign
  • Built in capabilities which allow for changes while live
  • Reports which are live, assembled after finish and various levels of analytics

These are some of the many things possible with such a strong email campaign management system. We have used years of experience to make the deal sweet for you.

Our email campaign management systems are fool proof which is the need of the hour. One slip up can create a rippling effect with email marketing and keeping that in mind, all loop holes are effective clamped. What this does for you is gives you enough time to concentrate on the campaign goal and not worry about getting the message across.

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